Eco Living Dishwasher Strips
Eco Living Dishwasher Strips
Eco Living Dishwasher Strips
Eco Living Dishwasher Strips
Eco Living Dishwasher Strips
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Eco Living Dishwasher Strips

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Elevate Your Dishwasher game with Dishwasher Detergent Strips:

  • Groundbreaking Innovation: Say goodbye to plastic jugs and reduce your environmental footprint with these groundbreaking strips.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Effortlessly tackle grease, grime, and food stains for spotless, sparkling dishes every time.
  • Any Machine, Any Water: We tested them! Our strips work in any dishwasher, whether you have hard or soft water. We sent them out far and wide and got rave reviews from everyone.
  • Lightweight and Less Storage Space: It's just 1cm thick and less than 100 grams. Imagine all the space you can save with detergent strips.  
  • Long-Lasting Convenience: Each pack provides cleaning power for up to 32 loads, eliminating the need for messy powders and liquids.
  • Embrace the Green Clean: Switch to Dishwasher Detergent Strips and join the movement toward a plastic container free cleaning experience.
  • Sustainable Formula: Our strips use plant and mineral-based ingredients that are phosphate, dye, and chlorine-free.

Easy to use:

For the ultimate clean, we recommend rinsing your dishes before you load the dishwasher.

  1. Tear off a strip using the perforated line.
  2. Fold that strip & place it into your soap dispenser tray. (It doesn't matter how many folds; place it where you usually put tabs or powder, etc.)
  3. Start your dishwasher and use your regular settings.


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